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Who We Are

Jarcel Electrical is a team of specialised electricians qualified to handle high level commercial electrical works.

Founder and master electrician Rob Jacobs takes a holistic approach to repairing and maintaining the electricals of commercial facilities. While he is happy to jump in and complete any quick repairs or installations needed, his technology driven mind will also be assessing the whole situation as he does so.

If there is a larger problem to address, he will know. If there is an anomaly, he will start asking why, making sure that each commercial facility Jarcel Electrical maintains and works with has their electricals running to peak capacity.

This is an approach he takes the time to instil in each person who comes onto his team, from experienced electricians to the apprentices he has mentored.

As a result the entire Jarcel Electrical team have an innovative approach to commercial electrical works. They combine their thorough, and if needed, out of the box approach to electrical problem solving with the latest technology. This helps deliver innovative, customised solutions to whatever commercial electrical problem a customer presents them with.

As a result Jarcel Electrical customers often experience short and long term savings as well as a reduced need for constant repairs and reactive maintenance.

What is JARCEL?

Jarcel Electrical, originally JTS, uses the first letter of each immediate family member of the founder, Rob Jacobs, to create the name Jarcel. It keeps the business firmly aligned with the initial goals Rob drew up when he first went into business for himself, which were very much centred around his family.

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