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Residential Smoke Alarms 

Smoke alarms reduce the risk of death in a house fire by more than half. However to be effective, the alarm must be working, correctly installed, regularly maintained and tested.

Queensland smoke alarm legislation recently changed, requiring all substantially renovated residences and new properties approved after 1st January 2017 to be fitted with interconnected, photoelectric smoke alarm systems.

What is an interconnected smoke alarm?

This simply means that when one interconnected smoke alarm is activated, all interconnected smoke alarms within the building or facility are activated. This early warning for all areas of the facility increases the time residents, employees and visitors have to escape.

The connecting of smoke alarms can be done wirelessly (e.g. via RF module) or hardwired. Regular electrical testing of the individual units, as well as the entire system is recommended.

What are the benefits of a photoelectric smoke alarm?

A fully functioning, and regularly maintained, photoelectric, interconnected smoke alarm is the most effective in detecting fire warning signs early as they have a quicker response time when detecting fires.

Their advanced technology is able to detect particles of smoke or ash in the air, meaning that the alarm will sound earlier than a regular smoke alarm. Regular smoke alarms require a certain amount of smoke to be present before sounding, which happens later than ash particles entering the air.

When every moment counts in the case of a fire and subsequent evacuation, your choice of smoke alarm, and regular maintenance of that alarm, matters.

It is recommended that when installing or replacing a smoke alarm, photoelectric technology is used for both hardwired and battery operated alarms.

How can we help?

Jarcel Electricals' licensed electricians are able to assist with smoke detector installations, audits, repairs and the routine replacement of batteries in existing smoke alarms.

We are also experts in the requirements for smoke alarms and can offer affordable suggestions if we find your current setup is not compliant.

All of our electricians are able to assist with wired or hardwired smoke alarms and can complete interconnected upgrades or electrical testing.

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