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Energy Efficiency &
Lighting Audits

At Jarcel Electrical, our fully qualified electricians can conduct a thorough energy efficiency and lighting audit of your facility.

The streamlining, electrical testing and proper setup of air conditioning, lighting and all energy usage can provide huge cost savings while minimising your carbon footprint.

During this audit, they will measure the physical volume of the space and your current lighting to make sure that it is compliant with the Australian Building Code regulations.

Our team will also conduct electrical testing to identify any non-compliance, inefficiencies or areas of improvement to minimise unnecessary energy use in your lighting and all electrically powered devices throughout the facility.

Lighting Audits

We offer commercial electrical lighting audits as well as fully customised energy solutions based on your energy usage and specific needs. Our aim is to help you get the most out of your lighting as well as increase your energy efficiency.

Our services include:

  • lighting audits to identify any necessary repairs, non-compliance or inefficiencies in your current lighting

  • custom lighting design to maximise efficiency and promote the correct ambience for the environment

  • light fitting replacements & upgrades

  • emergency lighting testing, maintenance or installation including exit lights and standby lights

  • automated lighting.

Energy Efficiency Audits

We offer energy efficiency audits on commercial buildings and facilities throughout Brisbane. This includes a thorough review and electrical testing of all electrical devices, equipment and appliances in the building to ensure that they are maintained, compliant with any relevant building codes or standards and set up to operate with the best possible efficiency.

An energy efficiency audit report outlines any necessary repairs or recommended changes. It will also identify any possible cost saving potential. This might include:

  • replacing current lighting with an energy efficient alternative such as LED lighting

  • using sensors and timers so that devices, appliances, equipment and/or lighting operates only when it needs to. For example lights that only come on when someone enters or stays in a room, or air conditioning that only comes on when people are in the building or during scheduled hours.

  • replacing existing appliances and equipment such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems with energy saving alternatives

  • using smart meters to monitor energy consumption through wireless sensors.

To speak to our team about an energy efficiency and lighting audit or any of our specialised or routine commercial electrical services please give us a call.

Electrical Circuit

The importance of correct lighting

Having the correct lighting levels for any environment is essential to having happy and healthy employees, residents and visitors. The quality, quantity and intensity of lighting all have a significant impact on creating an enjoyable, safe and productive space.

Incorrect lighting can also increase running costs and fatigue, reducing concentration as well as awareness.

Why do an Energy Efficiency Audit? 


With rising energy consumption costs, an initial investment in setting up your commercial lighting, electrical devices, equipment and appliances to maximise their efficiency can provide significant long term financial savings.

As well as helping to reduce the overall energy costs, an energy efficiency audit can reduce the amount of electrical maintenance and replacements required.

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