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Fibre Optic Cabling &
Data Communication

To complete a fibre optic install or upgrade, you require a specialised technician.

At Jarcel Electrical, our qualified team of electricians are able to complete fibre optic installations and upgrades that allow us to install digital data technology in a range of facilities.


This can include:

  • Category 5

  • Category 6/A

  • Category 7

  • Optic fibre backbone cabling

  • Coaxial.


The use of digital data communications is quickly becoming the fastest, most reliable and consistent manner to flexibly communicate large amounts of data in business and households today. It is also a cheaper long term solution.


To allow your business to take advantage of this technology, our team are available to design, install, test, maintain and repair all fibre optic related digital data communications technology.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your fibre optics or enquire about any of our commercial electrical services please get in touch with our team.

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server with fiber optic cables in data c
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