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Let your employees, tenants and resident businesses know that their health, safety and wellbeing are top of mind by making sure that all lighting and power is regularly maintained and working properly in your commercial space.


A powerpoint that sparks or a light that is flickering for months on end can lead to questions about the overall safety of a building by employees and tenants alike.


Quick responses to these electrical issues allow normal operations to continue with minimal disruption.


At Jarcel Electrical, we offer an extensive range of  commercial electrical support including:

  • faulty light switch and power point testing, repair and maintenance

  • repair of malfunctioning lights with the option to recommend more energy efficient alternatives

  • electrical testing and fault finding when residual current devices (RCDs) trip and cause a loss of power

  • lighting and power audits

  • recommendations to improve energy efficiency with your current lighting setup

  • design and installation of lighting and power systems

  • plus much more.

To help avoid regular electrical faults, costly emergency electrical repairs or downtime as a result of electrical interruptions, we recommend a regular electrical testing schedule.


Whatever your commercial electrical need, from basic to complex, one off to ongoing support our licensed electricians are available to help.

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