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Exit & Emergency Lighting

Emergency lights are standard in all new commercial and high occupancy residential buildings. Most building codes now also require that they are installed in older buildings.

Emergency lighting systems are hardwired into a building's power system and use this power to keep their battery backup systems constantly charged and ready for operation in an emergency.


Jarcel Electrical electricians are licensed to install and maintain all emergency and exit lighting in Australia, as well as to conduct emergency lighting tests that conforms to the Australian standard AS/NZS 2293.2.


These standards require:

  • an emergency lighting system test to be conducted every 6 months

  • visual checks of all emergency and exit lights for mains operation

  • checking that the maintained exit lights are operating and to replace faulty lamps where required

  • reporting of data from the test as well as any failures.


Depending on the exit lighting system that is fitted, this mandatory 6 monthly check may be a manual 90 minute test requiring a qualified member of our team to be on hand to monitor the process.

Alternatively, it can be a quick and affordable automated check for facilities with emergency lighting monitoring systems. For this type of test, a member of our team will attend the facility, schedule a test to occur through the supporting system and then return the next day to check the results and attend to any repairs required.

To find out more about our exit and emergency lighting testing and maintenance, or any of our commercial electrical services, please get in touch with our team.

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Fire exit sign at  the corridor in build

What are the emergency lighting requirements in Australia?

Emergency lighting is compulsory in all commercial buildings and requires mandatory testing every 6 months by a qualified person to meet Australian standards AS/NZS 2293.2. It refers to the exit lights in a building.

Exit lights are the lights that illuminate the exit pathway of a building in an emergency situation where there is a loss of power.

During an emergency, if the normal lighting systems cease to operate, the battery-operated exit lighting system will turn on. This allows the exit lights to show the closest way out. Exit lights are part of the fire safety provision of any Australian building.

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