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Power supply connect to electric vehicle

Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charging Solutions

Electrical Vehicles (EV) are becoming more popular as a method of transportation on today’s roads.

Charging these vehicles is becoming more convenient and doesn’t have to occur only at a fuel station. Instead, charging can be conveniently brought to the vehicle:

  • In homes

  • In residential apartment buildings

  • In the workplace

As demand for these EVs increase, future proofing your residential or commercial buildings to support this increase does not have to be difficult and can be easily achieved with the support of a qualified electrician.

EV Charging Stations

There is a charging station that is suitable for almost everyone. A vast range of EV chargers are available with a range of varying capabilities. EV chargers can be managed with your smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi, providing control of when you start and stop charging. 

The cost of an EV charging station and the speed of charging is directly linked to the power output of the station. As the required speed increases, so does the power output and the resultant cost of a charging station.

Charging times vary by the power output of the charging station and the electric vehicles on-board charger. Most car makers recommend installing a EV charging station at home to improve recharging times indicated by Kw.


  • EV's can save the average Australian driver around $1,600 per year on fuel costs.

  • Almost 7,000 battery and hybrid EVs were sold in Australia in 2019, a 200% increase from 2018.

  • There are 15 fully electric car models currently available in Australia with 22 more models expected by the end of 2022.


To speak to our team about installing EV charging solutions at your commercial premises or property please give us a call.


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